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Type Enemy
Health Low
Damage Low
Attack method Claw swipe
Encountered in Gerald's Bedroom
Nightstalkers are one of the most common monsters in Nightmarecraftian. They first appear in Gerald's Bedroom level.



Nightstalkers are horrific, skeleton-like creatures roughly bigger than dogs. They are extremely thin with long limbs, spines from behind their spinal cords, and several strings of hair from the top of their skulls. From their skull, eye-sockets are very large with small human eyeballs. Their teeth and claws are also long and gnarly.


They are non-bipedal and instead crawl on all fours. While idle, they make hoarse-sounded grunts. Nightstalkers make hiss-like shrieks if they noticed Gerald. Once they notice him as he encountered those creatures, they have two different attacks: either they get up and do swipe attack on Gerald with their claws, or leap on him and start biting until he shakes them off by tapping the attack button (J) rapidly.


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