Nightmarecraftian is a planned indie adventure horror game with no release date being confirmed. It will be developed by GJ/Dark Fredbear with the help of ZacharyRayYork. The game will also be downloadable on Gamejolt.


The nervous fellow named Gerald Louis wakes up from a horrible dream, but just realized that he is still dreaming. The reason behind this remains unknown.

He must travel through out every different, nightmarish locations filled with eternal horror, fears, and thousands of terrifying creatures that lurks out from darkness. The deeper he travels, the worse it gets. No matter how disturbing his nightmare would be.

Would Gerald escape from this hellish world of nightmares in order to wake up into the real-world, or get trapped in misery forever? There is no between.


  • The game's title is a portmanteau of Lovecraftian and nightmare.



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